For the month of May Informalism was invited to participate in the transit lounge (www.transitlounge.org) an international artist in residence programme situated in Mitte, Berlin.

unguided tours:

Together with artists Isabel Cordiero and Kenzee Patterson we explored urban landscapes and everyday moments of Berlin, drawn into secret corners and subjected to strange coincidences by invented games for arbitrary navigation. we sought new ways of mapping the city as it is immediately experienced.

These drawings were done as a continuous roll as I moved through the city, on foot and on train. Click to view.

sous les pav├ęs, la plage!

‘A rogue beach pavilion takes to the streets to subvert kapital and urbanism`s unholy alliance of socio-spatial control. But will the people listen? Will anyone come out to play?’

S.L.P.L.P! is designed to give anyone who enters it immediate control of a little piece of the public space. Passers by are given the chance to own a space simply by inhabiting it.

How it works...

One spring morning on frankfurter allee...


..and the others.

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